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Gerresheimer in North America: Clinical Supply Program for Gx RTF vials is part of a comprehensive service offering

The successes in the fight against Covid-19 have brought biopharmaceutics into the spotlight. The sector has been a pioneer in new technologies for years. Advances in personalized medicine, for example, are paving the way for targeted treatment of specific patient groups with individual drugs. As part of its primary packaging business for glass containers, Gerresheimer offers a wide range of products and services for the mostly parenteral administration of these medications. For prefillable vials and syringes in particular, Gerresheimer keeps a sample stock from which smaller quantities, which are frequently used in early phases of development, can be called up at any time.

“We want to provide our biologics customers with tailor-made packaging solutions that they can be sure meet their specific requirements 100%,” says Stefan Verheyden, Global Vice President of the Gerresheimer Biological Solutions Team.

Biopharmaceutical drugs are usually administered parenterally for the treatment of rheumatism, diabetes or cancer, for example. They differ from conventional drugs in their molecular structure. Gerresheimer has developed a complete package of products and services for biologics and biosimilars. This includes an innovative product portfolio of injection vials and special syringes as well as cartridges, drug delivery systems and other products which meet the specific requirements of this continuously growing market.

Many small to medium-sized customers active in the early stages of research and development typically require smaller sample quantities of up to 10,000 Gx RTF vials. Gerresheimer stocks these Gx RTF vials, as well as Gx RTF syringes, for customers to incorporate into their stability, testing and early clinical studies. Standard sizes such as 2R, 6R, 10R and 20R vials in trays with EU blowback are always available for this purpose. This means that the most used container formats for biopharmaceutical development are kept in stock, enabling customers to respond quickly to urgent market requirements.

Clinical supply program is part of a wide range of services

In addition to its broad product range, Gerresheimer offers a wide variety of services, particularly for small and medium-sized biotech companies, including advice on the right primary packaging material for the relevant clinical phase, support with approval and regulatory processes, laboratory services and much more.