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Haselmeier Introduces the Award-Winning D-Flex. Just one.

The D-Flex is the disposable pen for the use with 3 ml cartridges. It closes the gap between fixed-dose pens which only allow a single fixed dose, and variable-dose pens where the dose can be finely adjusted by the patient. The D-Flex can therefore be configured for several fixed doses. These dose values can essentially be freely selected when assembling the pen. The pen system does not permit any in-between amounts aside from the set doses, i.e. the patient cannot select an unintentional dose by mistake. This significantly reduces the risk of any operating error and increases the safety of the patient.

Haselmeier d flex

The D-Flex product platform made of high-performance plastic will in future be available in the three colours, red, blue and green.

This makes the D-Flex the ideal, flexible platform for adapting to set doses in accordance with the therapy. This platform can be flexibly configured to suit the desired dose values, from the first clinical study to series production, thereby significantly reducing the “time to market” and “CAPEX.”

The benefit for patients and the advantages for Haselmeier customers are comprehensive:

  • Just one pen which permits one or more pre-set doses.
  • Just one pen with dose correction in order to avoid injection errors or loss of the drug.
  • Just one pen which does not permit any in-between values besides the doses set.
  • Just one flexible platform which enables the customer to easily adapt to a wide variety of dose values.
  • Just one strong platform from the initial clinical study to series production.

Stefan Gaul, Strategic Product Manager at Haselmeier, explains:

In line with the needs of the market, we at Haselmeier were looking for an improved solution for “unconventional” or somewhat more complicated applications. Aspects such as patient safety and convenience of operation and handling were central elements of the process. The idea of designing an extremely flexible, strong platform for our customers was naturally a central aspiration. With the D-Flex we have found the ideal way to put this into practice. And it is all the more gratifying when the product design is explicitly appreciated by outside bodies. But above all, it is a good feeling to know that an innovation is far enough advanced in the development process to ensure that patients can be helped within a few years.

haselmeier d flex

Details of the award

GOOD DESIGN from Chicago is considered the world’s oldest and most prestigious institution for design excellence. In 2016, companies from over 46 countries submitted a total of more than 900 new product designs and artwork to the Chicago Athenaeum Museum. The winners are published on the website, and in the 2016 GOOD DESIGN Yearbook.
Haselmeier had already won the award in 2014 for its Axis-D pen platform and a customer application for Merck based upon it. The GONAL-f® 2.0 Pen from Merck is a pre-filled disposable injector which is used worldwide for fertility treatment.

Haselmeier wins Good Design Award

About Haselmeier
Haselmeier stands for the development and production of innovative self-injection devices with award-winning designs. The Haselmeier Group primarily works on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to improve the lives of patients by manufacturing pens and auto-injectors that are easy to use and that can be dosed with precision. The family business covers all steps — from design to planning to industrialisation — in the creation of high-quality self-injection systems.

Founded as early as in 1920 in Stuttgart, Haselmeier has long been an established name in the medtech industry, thanks to its proprietary technologies and international award-winning designs. In four years from now, this well-established company shall be able to look back on a 100 year old success story. Spread across eight global locations on three different continents, the Haselmeier Group employs a workforce of about 220 employees. While the Development Department is based in Stuttgart, the Innovation and Product Management is sited in Zurich (Switzerland). Haselmeier products are manufactured in the most modern production facilities in Buchen in Odenwald (Germany), Dnešice (Czech Republic) and Bengaluru (India). The international sales are controlled from Stuttgart and have representations in Lowell, Maryland (USA), Gurgaon (India) and Guangzhou (China).

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