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New Management Organisation of the Haselmeier Group

Mr. Andreas Schieber – as a supervisory board representative of Medico Invest AG – has been appointed to set up the new organisation and will coordinate the group executive board. The structure of the new group executive board is as follows:

  • Mr. Frédéric Gabriel as chief strategy officer (CSO) is responsible for areas of strategy and corporate development which includes the overall business and strategic planning,strategic innovation and product management.
  • Mr. Volker Wirth is chief business officer (CBO) responsible for areas of customerbusiness development and thus for the development of a global representation, key account management, customer-project management and customer service.
  • Mr. Andreas Schieber is acting chief technology officer (CTO) with Dr Sascha Pohl as deputy, responsible for areas of applied development and thus for the platform management, quality assurance and industrialisation.
  • Mr. Matthias Meissner is chief operations officer (COO) responsible for the group’s production sites, as well as for its supply chain and infrastructure.

In addition, Mr. Markus Dorsch as chief quality officer (CQO) and Mr. Siegfried Eichinger as chief controlling officer (CCO) will complement the group executive board in a staff function. The market environment, regulatory requirements and product needs have significantly changed over the past few years, prompting Haselmeier to expedite its change process. The group executive board serves as the foundation for this change process. It will open a window allowing Haselmeier to gain a stronger foothold in the market, with new product innovations, a more efficient management of customer and development projects as well as a modern, sustainably safe and superior production.

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