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Providing Quality Service in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Market

With its new cold storage room, Haupt Pharma now meets the requirement of being able to offer its former service of visual inspection, labeling and packaging of drugs while maintaining cold chain storage as well.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing site of the Haupt Pharma Group in Toride (Japan) receives the products as unlabeled bulk from Europe and the United States, visually inspects, labels and packages each drug. This ensures that the strict criteria of the Japanese market and the high expectations of "Japanese quality" can be met. In Japan, the visual appearance of a product has a much higher priority than in Europe or the U.S. Even purely cosmetic damage can lead to the rejection of the product.

This service was established by a long-term strategic outsourcing partnership between Haupt Pharma and a biotech company. The now one-year old venture has proven very successful for both partners. Through this improved process, the value chain of the pharmaceutical product has been optimized in the Japanese market.

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