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AqVida is an Exhibitor on the CPHI

It has developed a portfolio of anti-cancer medicines for treating the most common types of cancer, and from the 22nd – 24th October, AqVida will be an exhibitor at the forthcoming CPHI in Frankfurt.

The CPHI is one of the most important global pharma events. The gathering of the most important representatives of pharmaceutical industry offers a lot of opportunities to present the actual product portfolio of AqVida, as well as new development projects.

Moreover, being held in Frankfurt in 2013, AqVida sees the opportunity as an exhibitor to focus once more on the importance of high quality product. All manufacturing, analysis and releasing processes of AqVida are EU-GMP certified to meet the high standards of the European market.

Based on this, AqVida has developed its product portfolio consisting of Paclitaxel, Oxaliplatin and Docetaxel which are licensed out successfully, to both European countries and countries outside Europe, which ask for German product quality.


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