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Malvern Exhibits New Automated RealTime Milling System at Powtech

At POWTECH 2011 (11-13 October 2011, Nürnberg, Germany), Malvern Instruments will show the very latest in particle characterization systems. Exhibits will include Sturtevant’s Micronizer® Jet Mill displayed together with a Malvern Insitec particle size analyzer and the Schenck AccuRate Feeder as the first time international introduction of ARTMiS, a new jointly developed Automated RealTime Milling System.

The new ARTMiS is a fully automated system for micronization that offers unprecedented process control for optimal manufacturing efficiency. Comprising the Sturtevant Micronizer Jet Mill, the Schenck AccuRate feeder for precision feed rate control and the Insitec real-time laser diffraction particle size analyzer from Malvern, ARTMiS is built on the expertise of all three companies. It simplifies milling to the degree that all it requires is for the user to input a set point for the milling process and then start the feed. ARTMiS delivers product of consistently high quality and at the same time maximizes throughput and reduces the need for manual analysis.

Real-time particle size data for the milled material are used to continuously drive changes to the feed rate via a simple PID control loop. The result is an extremely consistent product, even when there are variations in feed quality or mill conditions. Furthermore set point changes are accomplished rapidly.

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