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Malvern Instruments to Showcase an Expanding Rheological Toolkit at AERC 2015

Centre stage will be the full range of Kinexus rotational rheometers, complemented by the innovative m-VROCi microfluidic rheometer and the Zetasizer ZSP for microrheology. Collaborative work with Clausthal University will be presented to demonstrate the value of applying a multi-technique approach in polymer solution characterization, including the use of a new microfluidic channel for assessing extensional viscosities of dilute solutions. For more details of the event visit:

The research carried out with Clausthal University highlights the value of using microrheology, rotational rheometry and microfluidics, in combination, to fully scope the performance of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) fluids, specifically hydrolyzed polyacrylamide and xanthan gum solutions. Solutions such as these are used to implement polymer flooding, the injection of a solution into porous rock surrounding a drilled well, to recover residual oil. ‘Using DLS Microrheology, Rotational Rheometry and Microfluidics to better understand the Behaviour of Polymeric Materials for Use in Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications’ explains the contribution of each technique to the development of a detailed understanding of in-use material behavior and performance. The presented approach is widely applicable to other polymer-based solutions, such as inks for example.

The m-VROCi microfluidic rheometer is the latest addition to the Malvern range of rheological systems. It provides safe accurate measurement for low viscosity fluids and is especially helpful for measuring in the ultra-high shear rate range. In addition m-VROCi can be used to study the extensional or stretching rheology that defines the industrial performance of many polymer solutions and which can differ significantly from their shear behaviour. In contrast, the Zetasizer ZSP enables the application of dynamic light scattering microrheology, an evolving rheological technique that can be used to look at behavior over very short timescales. Central to the Malvern range is the Kinexus rotational rheometer, a system optimised for ease of use and high performance across a very broad range of measurement conditions, and a software platform that supports the analysis of data from other Malvern rheometers.

In combination, the Malvern rheometer range enables complete and relevant rheological characterisation for a wide range of applications, delivering valuable data for research, formulation and product development. For more information visit


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