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Webinar: ‘Particle Size Masterclass: Why Measure Particle Size?’

Malvern has announced a new webinar titled ‘Particle Size Masterclass: Why Measure Particle Size?’.

Too often, the reason for carrying out a particle size distribution analysis is stated as ‘for QA’, ‘I need the numbers’, ‘because my boss says so’, or ‘for characterisation’. Often, we can proceed deep into a project, having acquired huge amounts of data, with no real clarity about what is driving the measurement.

This webinar explores the scientific reasons for performing a particle size distribution measurement, investigates bulk and dispersed particle sizes, and relates these to critical quality attributes (CQA) and product performance indicators (PPI).

A product flowability or rheology issue is not solved by aggressive dispersion conditions that cannot be mimicked in the plant, as these flow properties are related to the bulk, not dispersed, particle size distribution.

Likewise, relating dissolution and bioavailability is best done on a dispersed sample, as most of the surface area will be available to the external continuous phase.

Understanding the reasons for making such a measurement leads to the setting of reasonable and achievable product specifications that are in line with the required product performance.

The webinar will take place on 2 October at 10:30 (GMT-5:00). It will be presented by Alan Rawle and will be suitable for those who would like to understand or have their knowledge refreshed on the holistic reasons for making a size measurements, particularly those who are interested in investigating and understanding the links to product performance. This includes those who need to formulate reasonable and achievable specifications and targets for statistical quality control.

Attendees will receive an overall guide to the reasons for performing a particle size distribution measurement and some of the many factors that are controlled or influenced by particle size and particle size distribution.

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