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NMRPredict Version 4.8 Released

New features in version 4 include:

  • The addition of a “best” selection for proton NMR prediction. This is a hugely important feature which should improve prediction accuracy by up to 40%
  • A new method of choosing the “best” carbon prediction which significantly improves the accuracy of the carbon “best”
  • A new version of Dr Abraham’s CHARGE program, with many functional groups reviewed and improved
  • A new version of GMMX which gives faster and more reliable conformations
  • An automatic cleaning of the query molecule prior to prediction. This resolves many problems where predictions were not possible because of incorrectly drawn molecules
  • DOI reference in the C13 and X-nuclei databases. This means that, when examining internal database records, at the push of a button you can go, via the Internet, directly to the underlying literature reference from where the record was abstracted
  • The possibility to send an email to Dr Robien reporting a suspect prediction with NMRPredict. It is also possible to mark a record as suspect and not to use it for future predictions
  • The ability to change nucleus (for example from carbon 13 to nitrogen) from within NMRPredict
  • The ability to set different references. For example you can choose NH3 or CH3NO2 as the reference for nitrogen. You can even set your own internal references

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