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MWV Healthcare Completes Industrialization of Preservative-free Nasal Pump

MeadWestvaco Corp. (NYSE: MWV) today announced the completion of a year-long validation and industrialization capital program for its line of preservative-free nasal pumps, the PFP N. Now commercially available in a range of dispensing volumes.

PFP N joins MWV Healthcare’s line of successful pharmaceutical packaging products designed to improve the consumer experience and maximize supply chain efficiencies.

MWV developed the PFP N to address demand for delivery systems that protect preservative-free drugs from contamination. Preservative-free medication can reduce nasal irritation and sensitivity attributed to formulas that contain preservatives.

A recent survey of physicians conducted by MWV showed that preservative-free applications are overwhelmingly preferred. Of 205 general practitioners and specialists surveyed, 70% prefer to prescribe preservative-free drugs when presented with a choice between preservative or preservative-free medicines. When physicians were reminded of the benefits of preservative-free drugs (fewer side effects or reactions, less irritation, fewer patient complaints, improved patient compliance), their preference for preservative-free increased to more than 80%.

“The PFP N meets our customers’ needs for a high-quality, customisable solution that protects formula integrity and ultimately helps to ensure patient comfort and outcomes,” said Rolf Kitiratschky, regional sales director Europe, Adherence & Delivery Systems, MWV Healthcare Packaging. “The results of our physician survey validate that gentler, more natural applications are preferred by both healthcare providers and the patients they treat.”

PFP N provides key benefits to patients, drug manufacturers and brand owners.

  • Patients can count on a safe and reliable pump that delivers consumer-preferred all-natural and preservative-free products and formulations
  • Patients enjoy a gentler, patient-preferred nasal experience with less irritation and stinging that can be caused by preservatives
  • PFP N ensures protection from contamination while providing confidence in preservative-free formulation protection
  • Patients can use preservative-free drugs in PFP N and not worry about the potential side effects of some preservatives or the short- and long-term consequences, such as rhinitis medicamentosa (“rebound nasal congestion”)

MWV’s proprietary technology enables the pump to be completely preservative-free while providing shelf life similar to traditional formulations. The PFP N is a safe device for any liquid formula, and its sealing technology – a mechanical system that protects formulas by sealing in five places – ensures the drug is kept 100% germ-free after multiple uses. MWV’s PFP does not use a silver or metal coil for sterilisation, which can have a negative interaction with the drug formula.

The PFP N is available in outputs ranging from 0.05ml to 0.14ml. MWV works with customers to ensure products are customized to meet specific needs, supported throughout the supply chain and that all the highest regulatory and pharmaceutical standards are met.

“PFP N will allow customers to achieve the therapeutic effect they want without preservatives,” said Mr Kitiratschky.

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