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Quintiles Launches New Customer Solution to Meet the Unique Needs of Emerging Biopharmaceutical Companies

"Emerging biopharmaceutical companies have been important Quintiles customers throughout our 30+ year history, and we understand the unique challenges they face," said Paula Brown Stafford, president of Clinical Development at Quintiles. "This new offering focuses squarely on those challenges – combining an operational model designed to meet these customers’ needs with access to Quintiles’ global infrastructure, integrated technology and therapeutic expertise. It is a combination we believe will help provide superior delivery and improve the probability of success for this customer segment."

The Quintiles Emerging Biopharma Solution is a newly developed operating model that is aligned with customer needs within this segment and leverages Quintiles’ integrated technology platforms to provide customers with real-time data access as well as a transparent view of project performance. In addition to providing a dedicated leader with emerging biopharmaceutical operations expertise, the offering includes senior-level sponsorship for each customer. This level of support provides easy access to the unique expertise and nimble operational support required by these companies.

The new offering covers all therapeutic areas and adds to the proven oncology expertise of Novella Clinical – Quintiles’ oncology service provider for emerging biopharmaceutical customers that possesses unique experience serving these companies.

Recognised once again this year as an industry leader in Phase I and Phase II/III research among small biopharmaceutical customers, Quintiles has applied its proven experience in working with these companies to address their specific needs in areas such as start-up, patient recruitment and trial execution as part of this new offering. Quintiles has worked with over 240 small biopharmaceutical companies since 2009 and grew its net new business from small biopharmaceutical customers by two-and-a-half times in the first six months of 2014 compared to the same time period in 2013.

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