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Precision Medicine


We design and deliver innovative, effective studies that harness genomic data to help you identify predictive biomarkers, develop and deploy diagnostic tests, and engage the most appropriate patient populations to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of your therapeutic products.

precision medicineFrom discovery through design to commercialisation

Our services span the development and commercialisation spectrum. We can begin with biomarker identification programs in early development and then progressively develop candidate biomarkers into research-appropriate tests and market-ready companion diagnostics.

Access global scale to overcome regulatory & logistics challenges and protect your precious samples. Quintiles has 8 wholly-owned and 2 affiliate central labs in all major regions, including global anatomic and molecular pathology laboratories

Harness cutting-edge technology to develop custom genomic assays to better understand the biology of disease. EA|Quintiles, our genomics laboratory, is platform-agnostic and has partnerships with major NGS platform manufacturers

Capture valuable insights through bioinformatics analysis of genomic datasets relevant to a specific product or across an entire portfolio

End-to-end integrated precision medicine


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