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Rentschler Announces 4th Laupheim Biotech Days Taking Place in June 2016

Laupheim Biotech DaysIn this conference, we are examining the state of the art in developing fusion proteins as biopharmaceuticals, shedding light on the immense potential of design and functionality. Fusion proteins belong to the most lucrative biotech drugs – with Enbrel® being one of the best-selling biologics ever. Since the approval of the first de novo designed therapeutic fusion protein in 1998, the highly diverse pipeline is constantly growing with more than 80 molecules in clinical trials and five newly approved molecules in 2014 alone. This dynamic growth is primarily driven by three trends: Establishing platform technologies to extend plasma half-life, innovative approaches addressing multiple targets simultaneously and novel toxic constructs with superior selectivity. Fusion proteins combine the properties of two or more unrelated proteins, thus simplifying manufacturing and enabling equal biodistribution. These specific functionalities can lead to clear therapeutic benefits not achievable with traditional biologics. Therefore, it is worthwhile to dedicate a closer look to this exciting class of therapeutics.
The symposium will start with a keynote lecture by Hansjörg Hauser following by a diverse program in the pleasant atmosphere at the historic castle Großlaupheim.

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