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Sponsors Create Proposals Requests Faster with Clinical Maestro

Strategikon Pharma announced the latest enhancements of its flagship Clinical Maestro™ platform. This release features the Fast Track RFP — a new bidding capability for Sponsors that accelerates clinical trial outsourcing and leverages service provider expertise. It also includes new features that improve clinical study planning, budgeting, and outsourcing for the Clinical Maestro platform.

With the Fast Track RFP, biopharmaceutical companies can rapidly issue an RFP from Clinical Maestro with only high-level study information – a full study operational plan and responsibility matrix is not required to define the bidding opportunity. In response, Service Providers can quickly define their study assumptions and bid grid in Clinical Maestro as the system’s library of over 800 predefined tasks greatly simplifies this step. Providers then showcase their unique expertise through an operational plan and study execution strategy using Clinical Maestro’s study modelling framework.

As with any Clinical Maestro RFP, Sponsors can compare the different operational strategies, assumptions and service proposals from Providers using sophisticated side-by-side analyses that highlight variances across multiple dimensions including vendor specific-expertise, service assumptions and budget impact. This outsourcing functionality streamlines the ‘bid to expertise’ process, providing freedom and intelligence to both Sponsors and CROs to construct bidding scenarios using standardized templates – in record time and without sacrificing due diligence depth.

“For decentralized trial designs, gene and cell therapy studies and the growing array of indications targeted by CRISPR technologies, many Sponsors prefer to leverage CRO and other Providers’ expertise during bidding rather than starting with the Sponsor’s specifications,” said Anca Copaescu, CEO of Strategikon Pharma.

“Fast Track RFP and other innovations reflect the great feedback we continue to receive from our clients and bidding network on the need to increase the speed of outsourcing processes. By shifting specifications to the Service Providers to effectively leverage their unique value proposition and clinical study execution expertise, we have done just that.”

Additional release capabilities include expanded task customization that enables sponsors to create new activities and define costing algorithms (e.g. resource allocation), number of units and pass-through costs and add them to the extensive Clinical Maestro library for greater budget modelling and bidding flexibility; enhanced reporting and print options; and streamlined functionality for inviting service providers to Sponsor bidding opportunities.

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