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Woodley Equipment Company acquires Blinded Diagnostics

Woodley Equipment Company has announced its acquisition of Blinded Diagnostics, a pioneering contract service organisation specialising in sourcing and support of decentralised test platforms.

Woodley Equipment Company provides a range of tailored management services from sourcing and supplying study equipment to international logistics and end of trial disposal. The acquisition of Blinded Diagnostics will build strategic customer value through knowledge of the protocol design and analysis, investigator training and firmware encryption.

The combined business will realise an extended, specialist service proposition that’s unique within the clinical trials sector, accelerating the group’s marketing penetration with both contract research organisations (CRO) and pharmaceutical and biotechnology study sponsors.

Over the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have discovered the benefits of using hand-held, portable and tabletop point-of-care devices in large clinical trials, as the challenge to deliver patient-centric studies increases.

Clinical Trials that are designed to evaluate pharmaceuticals require a variety of diagnostic tests to be performed on all enrolled patients; making point-of-care testing (POCT) an integral part of the study protocol.

Woodley already works with many of the world’s leading CROs, supporting more than 300 clinical trials in 150 countries. Now, Blinded’s complimentary focus on POCT will further enhance Woodley’s expertise in diagnostic equipment, which is also supported by an existing team of in-house biomedical scientists.

CEO for Woodley Clinical Trials Robin Wickham commented: “The coming together of Woodley Equipment Company and Blinded Diagnostics is 100% complementary in terms of service provision, industry focus and international aspiration, and I am excited that working together we can accelerate our next phase of growth in the US, Europe and the Asia Pacific through a truly differentiated customer offer”

Blinded Diagnostics will be recognised as a key division of Woodley Equipment Company, integrating operationally in the areas of customer management, equipment sourcing and financial infrastructure.

Blinded Diagnostics’ CEO Steve Karuppan added: “We are truly thrilled to become part of the Woodley Group. We believe that this will enable Blinded to concentrate on providing knowledge and training expertise with absolute confidence that equipment recommendations and logistics are being managed by the very best team in the Clinical Trials sector”

About Blinded Diagnostics

A pioneering contract service organisation specialising in sourcing and supporting decentralised test platforms for pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Blinded Diagnostics has a successful track record of expertise in meeting large pharmaceutical company testing needs with a thorough knowledge of the protocol design, Investigator training and firmware encryption.

As an innovator with partners in point-of-care diagnostics, Blinded Diagnostics is at the forefront of a paradigm shift that brings flexibility and efficiency for trial sponsors.