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LTS – Your Partner for Innovative Solutions

LTS Lohmann Therapie Systeme AG

The development of new pharmaceutical drugs is a lengthy and complex process where not every highly promising active substance eventually becomes a successful drug. This is often because developers only think to develop tablets, capsules or solutions, but LTS offers an alternative: innovative approaches.

With its transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) and oral thin films (OTF), LTS has created several innovative drug delivery systems. The company combines your active substances with cutting-edge applications that make patients’ lives easier. This is why alternative delivery systems such as LTS-TTS and LTS-OTF should also be taken into account.

For clinical trials in particular, active substances frequently fail as a result of the fact that tablets, capsules or solutions cannot be applied for various reasons, or because they do not accomplish the necessary bioavailability.

Trials often reach Phase II before it is discovered that the delivery system cannot achieve the therapy success envisaged. At this point, many trials are terminated and consigned to the back of a filing cabinet. Promising active substances are then no longer accessible for the patient.

It is at this point at the very latest that researchers should also consider alternative delivery systems, and this is where the transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) and oral thin films (OTF) can open up a whole new range of opportunities.

CRS is a full-service provider for clinical trials from Phases I to IV. In addition to the development and manufacturing of high innovative dosage forms of active ingredients, LTS is also able to support you in the clinical development of products through services offered by the contract research organisation CRS, a member of the LTS company. Since the early 90s, CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach and its legacy companies have been supporting clients of LTS to accelerate and improve clinical research activities.

CRS has almost 40 years of experience in working as a full-service provider in clinical trials (Phases I to IV) for a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies and is realising 50 to 80 trials per year.

One speciality of CRS is the conducting of clinical trials with special routes of applications such as transdermal and transmucosal drug delivery. The majority of trials in healthy volunteers and patients can be handled in-house by involving the own clinical pharmacology units.

Today, CRS is represented by eight locations in Germany, including six central processing units (CPU) with 300 beds and a central place for clinical development and surrounding services such as consultancy, project management, monitoring, clinical trial supply management, bioanalytics, clinical data management, biometrics and medical writing.

For more information, visit the CRS website.

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