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A Leader In Digital Health

MIDAS, Manchester’s Inward Investment Agency

The city was appointed ‘the EU’s first mHealth Ecosystem’ by industry body EuMHA in 2011 and has 500 researchers working in multidisciplinary teams.

Manchester’s Health Ecosystem includes industry partners such as AstraZeneca, Intel, Bosch and Janssen Healthcare Innovation (J&J).

The city region enjoys strong digital capabilities due in part to the presence of MediaCityUK and 100,000 ICT employees.

The University of Manchester is one of the major research groups within the £2 billion ‘IT Future of Medicine’ scheme with a focus on Genotyping (microsatellite typing, SNP, MHc & RScA) for common complex human diseases and allergies.

Specialist digital research in Manchester includes self care, remote monitoring, metabolic health, mental health and wellbeing.

Clinicians and academics in Manchester are utilising aggregated digital health solutions to track surgical outcomes, encourage the uptake of healthy products and services, and for the advanced processing of health records and integration of data.

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