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PreSens Precision Sensing

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PreSens Precision Sensing


Our solutions scale seamlessly as your company grows, accommodating nearly any combination of network components, wherever they reside. Our disk-to-disk backups eliminate the hassles and unreliability of tapes – saving both time and money. From a single office to a global enterprise, you choose the option that fits your business: Software-as-a-Service, software you own for granular control, or managed services. We make backups brilliantly simple.

EVault SaaS offers “set it and forget it” online backup and recovery for small-to-medium businesses that need easy-to-manage data protection.  EVault Managed Service delivers an externally resourced online backup and recovery service for medium-to large-size businesses that require a high quality, data protection infrastructure managed by experts. All of our services offerings back up your data, fully encrypted, to one of our Tier III or IV data centers. Reliability and disaster recovery are built in.

EVault Software provides advanced control. Our licensed software lets you easily meet regulatory requirements for data protection in nearly any environment and provides the ability to backup and restore individual databases, mailboxes, and cluster nodes. You get easy replication capability, bandwidth throttling, role-based assess, and complete centralised control from anywhere with web access.

In addition, we offer component products that are optimised for SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, VMWare and IBM iSeries-AS/400. EVault System Restore, Continuous Data Protection and Express Recovery Appliance provide additional functionality to deliver a truly comprehensive data protection solution.


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