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Everything you need to work successfully with adenovirus

The secret to successful and highly potent virus preparations are:
  • A patent pending adenovirus vector technology combined with
  • Long standing expertise and practical experience in virus purification and concentration.
  • The brand new product line under the….

AdenoONE™ is meant to make SIRION BIOTECH’s longstanding expertise easily available to our customers.

Experience high quality adenoviruses in your own lab.

The AdenoONE™ product line consists of three different kits:

  • AdenoONE™ Cloning Kit
  • AdenoONE™ Purification Kit
  • AdenoONE™ Purification Kit in vivo (coming soon!)

AdenoONE™ Cloning Kit – allows for vector cloning & production in less than 4 weeks!

Profit from SIRION BIOTECH`s proprietary BAC technology!

Adenoviruses have a large genome of 36kb making genetic manipulations by classical cloning strategies extremely difficult and ineffective.
The AdenoONE™ Cloning Kit enables fast and easy recombination based adenoviral vector generation in E.coli cells followed by adenovirus production in HEK 293 cells within less than 4 weeks. Adenovirus particles are generated from an E1/E3 deleted adenoviral serotype 5 and therefore comply with required safety standards.

Product Description:

Underlying technology of the AdenoONE™ Cloning Kit is SIRION BIOTECH`s patent pending BAC technology, which comprises 2 steps:

  • Cloning of your gene of interest (GOI) or shRNA into the pO6A5 shuttle vector
  • FLP mediated recombination in E.coli (BA5 FRT cells) to obtain your desired Ad5 E1/E3 deleted serotype
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