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Analytical Services


PolyCrystalLine has its own research laboratory equipped with the most up-to-date advanced technology. The laboratory operates according to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) directives.

A modular approach makes it possible to customise research projects and analysis methods together with the client step by step, thus providing more specific and effective solutions.

It is thanks to this approach that the company is able to satisfy the most varied research needs and budget requirements; ranging from quick, low-cost screening and in-depth analysis of APIs and compound/solvates, to implementation and diversification studies of existing patents.

PolyCrystalLine provides analyses and studies on Highly Potent and Cytotoxic products

PolyCrystalLine offers analytical support to satisfy a full spectrum of requirements. The characterisation and the study of solid state compounds is carried out using the most advanced analysis techniques, including:

  • X-ray powder diffraction (also at variable temperature)
  • X-ray Single Crystal Determination
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, TGA, EGA, HSM)
  • Intrinsic Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS)
  • Spectroscopic analysis (FT-IR, FT-RAMAN, UV-Vis)
  • NMR solid state
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Karl Fischer
  • Melting Point
  • SEM
  • ICP
  • BET (N2)
  • HPLC

Quality assessment results are produced within 24/48 hours of receipt of the sample.

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