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ANSYS Portfolio of Products and Services


The portfolio of software and services from ANSYS is comprised of various codes accessed from the same environment and using the same pre- and post-processing tools to facilitate the work of its users. When modeling complex multiphysics situations, these tools can interact together in the same model to address the different facets of the applications with great accuracy.


ANSYS AUTODYN is the code of choice to model high-speed impact processes such as blast, explosion, crash and typical drop tests or impact tests to which health care products are submitted to during the approval process.


ANSYS CFD provides access to both ANSYS® FLUENT® and ANSYS® CFX®, best-in-class tools for modeling all types of liquid and gas flows. Geometries can be extremely complex; physics may involve turbulence, radiation, chemical reactions and combustion, to mention a few. Particle tracking and mixing quality are typical output.

ANSYS® DesignXplorer™

ANSYS DesignXplorer is the optimization tool embedded into the ANSYS environment. From within a familiar environment, the user can model complex applications, identify parameters that may improve the process and its output; through automatic simulation the best value for these parameters are calculated.

ANSYS® Mechanical™

ANSYS Mechanical is the flagship product for structural analysis from ANSYS. Bringing together advanced nonlinear models for contact, material properties operating conditions and loads in a user-friendly environment, this tool predicts the behavior of any solid body involved in the process under services or extreme conditions.


ANSYS POLYFLOW is the manufacturing tool of the ANSYS suite primary targeting modeling of packaging components. Analysing thermoforming, blow molding and extrusion processes, ANSYS POLYFLOW is integrated in a comprehensive workflow with other ANSYS products.

ANSYS® Workbench™

ANSYS Workbench is the environment providing pre-processing (CAD import and repair, meshing) as well as post-processing, including Six-Sigma, optimisation and fatigue analysis. It also allows seamless interactions between the different components of the ANSYS suite of products.

ANSYS® Engineering Knowledge Management™ (EKM™)

ANSYS EKM is the tool of choice to manage the wealth of information generated by engineering simulation. By providing access for multiple users while controlling confidentiality, data mining, archiving, simulation management processes, it ensures the effective use of current and past simulations for future designs and modeling.


HFSS is our high frequency software for modeling electromagnetic behavior encountered in all electronics devices and their surrounding environments. Coupled with ANSYS Mechanical, it provides an accurate modeling of thermal effect. HFSS is widely used for signal integrity and signal interferences.


Maxwell is the low frequency software frequently used to model innovative therapies including cancer treatments.


Beyond the availability of its suite of software, ANSYS staff is also available to run engineering simulations for its clients, quickly bringing meaningful simulation results to the design process. Benefits of simulations run by our experts facilitate the quick ROI and adoption of this innovative technology.

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