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BD FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter

BD Biosciences

The BD FACSAria™ Fusion improves on the solid foundation of patented technologies, exceptional multicolor performance, and ease-of-use that was first brought to the world of sorting by the launch of the BD FACSAria™ sorter in 2003.

The fusion of safety, performance, and sorting

Now this sorting know-how is combined with best-in-class biosafety expertise to create the BD FACSAria Fusion, a fully integrated advanced cell sorter and biosafety solution for research laboratories.

Biological safety in flow cytometry is an emerging requirement for core laboratories concerned about the potential accidental exposure of operators to biological samples. To address this requirement, a custom-tailored biosafety cabinet for the BD FACSAria Fusion was designed in collaboration with The Baker Company, a leader in biosafety solutions.


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