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Bead-Based Immunoassays

BD Biosciences

BD™ Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) system allows users to quantify multiple proteins simultaneously, within the range of 0.274–200pg/mL.

Users can flexibly create their own robust-performing multiplexed assay, or use preconfigured kits, and readout is not restricted to a particular platform. The portfolio includes assays for quantitation of a variety cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, immunoglobulins, and phosphorylated cell signalling proteins.

Multiplexed soluble protein quantitation

The BD CBA system uses antibody-coated beads to efficiently capture analytes, and the broad dynamic range of fluorescence detection offered by flow cytometry to acquire data. Because each bead in the array has a unique fluorescence intensity, beads can be mixed and run simultaneously in a single tube (multiplexed).

More data in less time from a single sample

Multiplexing is especially useful because it maximises the number of proteins that can be analysed in a small amount of sample. Other methods such as ELISA require a similar amount of sample, but can analyse only one protein from the same volume. Because such a small amount of sample is needed, multiplexing reduces hands-on time as well as time to results.

Robust assay system

All assays have been characterised for performance in single-plex and multiplex scenarios to ensure consistent data. The antibody pair in each assay is evaluated for dynamic range, sensitivity, and parallel titration to native biological samples

Flexible and easy to use

BD™ Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) reagents work with any flow cytometer equipped with 488nm and 633nm lasers. The FCAP Array™ software (v3.0) enables complete analysis of data, enabling users to obtain quantitative results just minutes after performing an experiment.

Available assays

BD CBA solutions are offered in the following product configurations:

  • BD CBA Flex Sets are sold individually and provide a flexible system, so that researchers can easily create their own multiplex assays (up to 30 analytes) for protein quantitation as low as 10pg/mL
  • BD CBA Enhanced Sensitivity Flex Sets are capable of detecting cytokine concentrations as low as 0.274pg/mL
  • BD CBA Kits are preconfigured for achieving consistent results for routine panels

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