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Building Blocks


Enamine produces a wide variety of structurally and chemically diverse fine chemicals for organic synthesis designed with pharmaceutical chemistry in mind. The company offers more than 50,000 proprietary reagents from stock fitting numerous needs of medicinal chemists. Decision on synthesis of every new building block is based on the following criteria: low molecular weight, presence of pharmacophore groups and scientific novelty. Each month about 1,000 of new compounds are added to the catalog.

Advantages of Building Blocks offered by Enamine:

  • Exclusive low molecular weight compounds
  • Series of analogues to facilitate SAR analysis
  • Original structural motifs, e.g. piperazines, sulfonyl fluorides, unnatural amino acids, fluorinated heterocycles etc.
  • Compounds with multiple, selectively addressable functional groups
  • Compounds suited for parallel high throughput synthesis protocols
  • Expedited delivery from US- and EU-based stocks for selected items

Our building blocks are available in up to 100 g quantities; standard batches are 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 g. The compound purity is a minimum of 95%. We are also capable of scaling up the synthesis of selected building blocks to multi-kilogram amounts. Standard delivery term is 1 week. Current stock availabilities are available on-line at

Building Blocks


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