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Capsule Delivery Solutions

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Capsugel offers a high quality line of manual and semi-automated capsule filling machines:

Backed by the best service support in the industry, Capsugel filling machines are ideal for customers who are new to encapsulation. The ease of operation, in conjunction with prompt and focused technical support helps to ensure customers get the most value from their capsule filling machine investment. Our Ultra 8® II and CAP 8™ capsule filling machines feature a wide array of user-friendly and safety features. For manual operations, our ProFill machines provide a convenient way to fill capsules in a reliable fashion.

Capsugel has developed innovative pharmaceutical laboratory equipment, which is scaleable from development to production, to help customers achieve “faster time to first in human”.

CFS 1200 and CFS 1500 C systems: development-scale machines for liquid filling and sealing, along with Capsugel Licaps® capsules, enables formulation scientists the ability to better exploit the potential of poorly soluble drug compounds. Unlike other pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, it utilizes Capsugel’s patented LEMS® (Liquid Encapsulation Microspray Sealing) technology, which eliminates the need for banding capsules while providing a secure and impervious seal. The CFS 1500 C system is suitable for integration into a containment solution, flexible to suit the customer’s liquid filling and sealing needs and is easy to clean when working with potent compounds.

Xcelodose® S system: another pharmaceutical lab equipment innovation, allows scientists to precisely fill capsules with drug substances alone – without the need for excipients or bulking agents. This eliminates costly and time-consuming excipient compatibility and preformulation studies, which in turn can accelerate the drug development process.

XcelolabTM powder dispenser: a significant addition to Capsugel’s proven Xcelodose precision powder micro-dosing system range. It is specifically designed to enable laboratories to do accurate, closed-loop, weight dispensing – difficult, and potentially inaccurate, manually or by other laboratory methods.

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