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JMCCT’s Full Portfolio of Catalytic Technologies

Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals

Our portfolio consists of heterogeneous catalysts, homogeneous catalysts, chiral catalysts, biocatalytic technologies, chiral alcohols, ligands, catalytic services, as well as refining facilities.

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Heterogeneous catalysts

Our precious metal based heterogeneous catalysts are available from gram to commercial scale.

Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf sample or a fully-customised catalyst, JMCCT consistently delivers outstanding product performance.

Our manufacturing facilities in the US, UK, India and China, guarantee consistent catalyst supply, regardless of where your process is brought to scale.

Homogeneous catalysts

We provide an exceptional portfolio of innovative palladium catalysts for cross-coupling applications, such as Suzuki, Heck, Buchwald-Hartwig, Kumada, Negishi and Sonogashira.

As well as this, we have a full range of palladium, rhodium, ruthenium and iridium precursors for a variety of chiral and achiral applications.

Chiral catalysts

JMCCT’s scope of chiral catalysts and ligands for asymmetric hydrogenation, can be used in a variety of ruthenium, rhodium and iridium catalysed reactions. Our global team of catalysis experts can help you find the optimal solution you are seeking.

Biocatalytic technologies

JMCCT is delighted to provide an ever-growing, unique group of biocatalysts, that enhance the chiral capabilities of our chemo-catalyst technology offering.

This combined portfolio of catalytic technology, allows us to design the most effective synthetic route for our clients.

Chiral alcohols

Our range of chiral alcohols are characterised by high chemical and enantio-purity, and synthesised by modern biocatalytic technology.

All the compounds are useful as building blocks for the synthesis of intermediates or APIs, and are available from gram to tonne scale.


Our range of proprietary and non-proprietary advanced ligands includes chiral phosphine ligands, chiral transfer hydrogenation ligands, buchwald ligands and cross-coupling ligands. IP friendly business models allow our customers to have access to the best possible catalytic processes while at the same time ensuring full freedom to operate.

Catalytic services

JMCCT’s catalysis and chiral technologies provide ample catalyst screening and process development services, to help support customers throughout the development, scale-up and commercial implementation stages of a project.


The refining and recycling facilities we offer our customers are the most comprehensive and advanced precious metal refining facilities in the world.

Successful long-term partnerships are key to Johnson Matthey’s philosophy.

JMCCT’s refining and recycling services has the technology, experience and reputation to refine all platinum group metals from varied feeds.

Our array of of capabilities, knowledge and methods makes us a suitable partner for your application.

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