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Access news and intelligence with CenterWatch's following publications:

The CenterWatch Monthly

The CenterWatch Monthly is the industry’s leading analytical source for business news and information about the clinical trials industry.

Each issue covers timely and relevant topics with access to proprietary data and analysis, as well as 25+ clinical study leads and in-depth drug intelligence. This is all included to help you better navigate and anticipate a changing landscape, as well as provide you with a competitive advantage for greater success.


CWWeekly provides expanded analysis on the week’s top business and financial news along with proprietary access to new clinical study leads, informative conversations with clinical research executives, practical tips for patient recruitment and insightful strategies on study conduct, outsourcing and CRO issues.

Research Practitioner

This bi-monthly journal is a valuable, educational and career advancement resource providing diverse and comprehensive articles that go beyond what staff ‘should do’ and teaches them ‘how to’ incorporate critical concepts and strategies. In turn, this should help users effectively manage and execute clinical trials, whilst earning valuable contact hours accepted by organisations such as ACRP, CCIP and SoCRA.

CenterWatch News Online

CenterWatch News Online is a dynamic and easy-to-navigate online service, featuring real-time objective news reports covering timely stories and emerging trends in the global clinical research industry.

Features include: breaking news and top headlines as selected by the CenterWatch editorial staff, news beats featuring relevant content on various industry segments, as well as proprietary CenterWatch data.

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