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The Vitalograph COMPACT Expert is an integrated medical workstation designed to capture high quality cardio-respiratory data for your clinical trial.

The Vitalograph COMPACT™ Expert is a medical workstation that integrates high quality spirometry, 12-lead ECG, pulse oximetry, COPD assessment, blood pressure measurement, challenge testing and more in a flexible, integrated solution. COMPACT features secure data management using data encryption in SQL databases.

COMPACT workstation

The COMPACT Expert workstation integrates the management of your subjects, visits and all of your clinical testing. Functionality can be customised for clinical studies or other major projects.

The Vitalograph COMPACT offers:

  • Networking of multiple COMPACT devices in their own network or to a central database on your existing networks
  • Simple icon-driven menu on a large colour touch-screen with on-screen keypad and optional biometric ID for users and patients; a standard mouse and keyboard may be used if preferred
  • Intuitive user interface with workflow orientated presentation in four primary information panels: subjects, test sessions, information and session test panel
  • Automatic storage and traceability of all test data and events, including calibration logs and audit trails
  • Designed for secure encrypted data transmission via the internet to Vitalograph hosted central servers for reporting, archiving, analysis, review, over-reading, etc.
  • Manual data entry and data export in PDF or CSV format
  • Automated, secure data management designed to comply with the technical requirements of FDA 21 CFR 11, 95/46/EC and HIPAA compliance
  • Volume/time and flow/volume curves using single-breath or multi-breath spirometry
  • Automatic and scalable FEV trend chart view as subject is selected prior to testing, designed to reflect the trend of FEV over the lifetime of the subject
  • Optional choice of child incentives with sound-effects and transparency so that real-time curves are simultaneously viewable
  • Pre-post spirometry comparison for bronchodilator or longer-acting treatments
  • User selection from a choice of over 50 test parameters
  • User preference for comparison with a ‘normal’ population in % predicted or Z-score (SDS)


The COMPACT Expert is the latest evolution from Vitalograph’s range of world-leading spirometers. With vastly increased power, and storage capacity to accommodate many other types of medical device connectivity, the integrity of the spirometry device is not lost but enhanced.

The COMPACT Expert with ECG offers full 12-lead electrocardiography with very low occurrence of lead artefact. Analysis and interpretation come as standard using the world-class University of Glasgow Interpretation Algorithm, which provides detailed diagnostic suggestions and evaluation of results.

ECG measurements are captured and transmitted wirelessly for display in real-time and data is automatically saved for recall, reporting or printing. Transmitting ECG traces wirelessly is fast and safe with no leads to trip over or create artefacts from movement or electrical sources. The built-in display provides information on electrode contact problems, heart-rate, battery status, communication status and digital pacemaker detection.

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