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Analytic Solutions for Efficient Commercialisation of Drugs and Medical Products

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Competitive Intelligence


To achieve commercial success, competition tracking and monitoring are essential activities. They help in both tactical and strategic planning, and present the competitive landscape accurately for decision-making.

The quality and degree of competitive intelligence often determines the pace and success of commercialisation and can be the differentiator in a competitive environment.

The backbone of a company’s strategic and operational planning process is its ability to collect competitive information tactically and ethically to project the competitive environment in the future. One of the key challenges for CI managers today is obtaining the right information at the right time, and disseminating it in a way that enables effective decision making.

PharmARC’s CI solutions provide both strategic and tactical intelligence through understanding the competitors’ current strategies, future goals, capabilities, key clients and partners, as well as their positioning and plans on product differentiation.

We are members of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), and follow the code of ethics for competitive intelligence as defined by the SCIP.

Competitive Intelligence solutions

PharmARC offers commercial and clinical competitive intelligence solutions that provide our customers with a unique and in-depth perspective of the life sciences ecosystem.

Commercial competitive intelligence solutions include brand specific services, market studies and company monitoring. In clinical competitive intelligence, we offer solutions covering clinical trials and conference intelligence support.

Technology for enhanced use of analytics

Commercial analytics organisations need to feed live data and provide continuous updates to support informed decision-making. We create user-friendly, fast and innovative technology applications that enable the effective dissemination of commercial and clinical competitive intelligence to decision-makers. Such applications include:

  • Excel based pipeline analysis tools
  • Web based conference abstracts repository
  • Web based disease area CI portals
  • Custom e-mail and mobile alerts
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