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Human Tissue and Human Tissue-Based Research Services

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Compound Evaluation


The greatest reason for drug candidates failing during clinical development remains a lack of desired clinical effect. In addition many promising test compounds still fall out of development due to unforeseen side effects or unfavorable pharmacokinetic profiles1,2.

Asterand performs a variety of human cell-based assays to generate data that support the identification and selection of compounds with the best characteristics for further pre-clinical and clinical development. Studies can be designed to determine the potency, effect, disposition and safety of test compounds in human tissues. Data generated in human tissue-based models allows pre-clinical go/no-go decisions for drug candidates and formulations to be taken with more confidence for getting the right compounds into the clinic.   Compound evaluation

The services we provide apply across a range of different therapeutic research areas. Click here to download a summary of which PhaseZERO® services can be accessed within your therapeutic area of interest.

Our goal

We aim to facilitate the identification and selection of drug candidates with an increased likelihood of clinical success. Our human tissue-based approach allows rapid and early evaluation of compounds in biologically relevant tissues to:

  • Accelerate drug development
  • Reduce the risk of expensive, late stage failures
  • Improve productivity

Our scope

For over ten years our scientists have been consulted by and have collaborated with top, global pharmaceutical companies. We help our customers evaluate candidate compounds, providing a consultative, tailored scientific approach in order to deliver high quality human tissue-based data on the potency, efficacy, disposition and safety of test compounds.

Our services

We provide a wide range of standard and custom assays in the following areas:

Biochemical pharmacology

Metabolism & toxicity

Working with Asterand

Scientific solutions

  • Comprehensive range of research services available
  • Existing, validated human tissue-based assays
  • Ability to custom design studies and develop new assays as required
  • Scientific continuity provided throughout research programs
  • Effective extension of our customer’s research teams


  • Extensive experience in human tissue research and drug discovery
  • High quality human tissues and comprehensive clinical data
  • All human tissues are sourced with ethical approval and consent for research
  • Access to the right human tissues to perform the right experiments
  • Proven track record in experimental design and human tissue data interpretation
  • Collaborative approach and professional project management


  • Ready access to fresh and frozen human tissues from our network
  • Reliable data delivery to strict timelines

Outsourcing solutions

  • Ease of managing a single outsourced relationship for all human tissue needs
  • Fee for service – all resulting data and IP belong to our customers
  • Allow customers to focus on their core business


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