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Crystallization & Process Optimization Programs

SARA Pharm Solutions

SARA PHARM offers specialized crystallization packages, targeted to transform your un-handable API, such as a sticky gum into a nice crystalline and fully handable powdery material. Using a tailored crystallization process design, SARA PHARM concentrates on the most acceptable pharmaceutical solvent systems (e.g Class# 3, conform ICH guidelines) for identification of a robust and easily scalable crystallization process.

Once having determined the solubility of your API in a set of predefined and chemically diverse set of solvents, SARA PHARM will identify the most suitable solvent systems to be considered for Meta-Stable Zone Width determination (MSZW), a crucial parameter for optimizing the crystallization process.

SARA PHARM is able to consider in this program different crystallization modes, and in combination with the corresponding MSZW data, SARA PHARM focuses to locate a suitable crystallization process of your API. This process will be checked by SARA PHARM for its reproducibility before releasing the full details of the crystallization process.

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