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Custom and OEM solutions

Promega UK

Promega also offers custom services on an expansive line of products targeting the areas of genomics, proteomics in addition to cellular analysis and high throughput screening.

Consult and Support

  • Consult with peers. Promega scientists are available to discuss research plans.
  • Improve efficiency. Specify size, concentration and formulation. No need to mix it yourself.
  • Save money. Buy what you use. Order only the components you need.
  • Ensure a consistent reaction. ISO quality standards mean your custom products will perform the same every time.
  • Lot reservation: Reserve a specific lot for future orders.
  • Global delivery: A global network of offices and distributors take product to all your facilities, wherever they may be.
  • Scheduled ordering: Set up a standing order. Product will be shipped on a schedule you create.
  • Optimised high throughput applications: The Promega Applications Group works with you to develop and optimise protocols on the robot in your lab.
  • Product testing: Product samples are available.
  • Technical service: Promega scientists are available to provide technical service on any product questions.

Efficiency and Savings

Kit components: The pieces you want in the format you want.
Formulation: Specific concentrations and mixes.
Format: Sub-milliliter volumes up to liters.
Size container: Choice of more than 80 vials and containers on-site.
Labelling: Custom labels match your information needs.
Automated format: Multiwell plate dispensing and packaging options for automated platforms.

ISO Consistency

Promega is ISO 13485:2003 certified. Promega is a Medical Device Manufacture with nearly 850 products certified as Class I Exempt Medical Devices (GPRs), offering compliance with regulations regarding homebrew testing. ISO Quality Systems assure:

  • On-time delivery
  • Continuity of supply
  • Consistent product performance
  • Reproducible processes with change control
  • Product design meets your specifications

OEM Partnerships

When you’re looking to make a specific product offering to the marketplace, Promega Custom can develop and deliver the products you want to sell. The new GMP manufacturing facility under construction will significantly increase the volume of products we currently supply for OEM customers.

  • Quality control testing: Promega tests products specific to your application.
  • Total package development: Package your product to your specifications. Promega customises any and all of the packaging components, from bottles to labels to kit boxes.
  • Dispensing: Dispensing flexibility ensures Promega can provide the product in the format your customer needs.
  • Containers: Choose the tube/bottle size and the quantity.





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