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Custom Synthesis

Syncom BV

We conduct custom synthesis of organic compounds in mg to kg quantities and execute complex multistep syntheses of up to 60 steps long. Mainly, we focus on synthesising novel building blocks, intermediates and APIs for the pharmaceutical industry. Our KG lab is equipped with two 50L reactors and multiple 20L reactors, enabling synthesis up to a couple of KG scale.


Identification and synthesis of metabolites and impurities

In order to assess the full activity profile of a pharmaceutically active compound, identification and synthesis of metabolites and impurities is often required. In case of identification challenges, Syncom offers support to identify the compound of interest.

Syncom also offers high-quality custom synthesis of stable isotopically-labelled compounds. We have expertise in the use of isotopes like deuterium, carbon-13 and nitrogen-15, as well as diverse compound classes, such as vitamins, steroids and biologically active compounds.

Syncom chemists have also prepared various glucuronide metabolites of pharmaceuticals. We have reactive intermediates in stock, enabling fast synthesis of glucuronides, glucuronide carbamates, quaternary N-glucuronide salts and 1-O-acyl glucuronides requested by our customers. Stable isotope labelled glucoronides can also be prepared.

Some custom synthesis examples and specialties:

  • API building blocks and intermediates
  • Pharmaceutical reference standards
  • Metabolites and Impurities
  • Stable isotopically labelled compounds
  • Steroid and vitamin D synthesis
  • Carbohydrate synthesis
  • Beta-lactam synthesis
  • PET precursor and biomarker synthesis

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