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Database Integration

Modgraph Consultants

Provides integrated, instant access to many disparate data sources, regardless of where they are located or how they are stored.

Companies now generate more data than ever before. In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry this often means chemical, biological and property data being stored in completely separate databases. Instant access to all these disparate data sources, regardless of where they are located or how they are stored, is essential to maintain a competitive advantage.

Modgraph: An independent integrator

Most companies who offer a solution to this integration problem will expect you to move all or some of your chemical databases to their proprietary format in order to bring all your data together. A potentially disruptive, time consuming and expensive process. Modgraph Consultants Ltd are unique in being an independent database integrator. Their many years experience in database integration allows you to access all your corporate chemical, biological and property data, without having to move or convert it! If you do choose to change any database formats, perhaps because of enhanced functionally found in another program, you can always do so. The choice of database formats is in your hands.

System architecture

Clients run under Windows NT, Windows 2000 or as a Web application. The server is supported under Linux or Unix (IRIX or Solaris). Supported databases include ISIS Host, Daylight, Accelrys and other chemical database cartridges with an open interface, Activity Base for biological data and Oracle® 8.x or higher for property and other data.

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