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Innovation in Research Data Management

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Decision Support

Identify potential drug candidates faster and more accurately

The IDBS Decision Support applications deliver predictive technology, powerful analysis tools and complete data integration to the desktop, strengthening decision making, accelerating successful drug design and saving life science organizations time and money.

Virtually screen and predict compound activity and properties in advance of actual experimentation, and visualize, analyze and identify trends to reduce unnecessary research effort using multidimensional data analysis. Extract the meaning from data with powerful algorithms and exploit remote or hidden information to the full with seamless access, integration and retrieval that enables new discoveries and insights.

The IDBS Decision Support applications

PredictionBase – delivers predictive models to the desktop of all scientists, enabling all stages of the research process to benefit from predictive technology.

SARview – delivers dynamic SAR reports that facilitate the investigation of relationships between biological activity and chemical structure, enhancing scientific communication.

XLfit – Curve Generation and Statistical Analysis – curve fitting and statistical analysis of data in Microsoft Excel using an extensive selection of models catering for a wide range of industries.

MathIQ – curve fitting and statistical software development package that enables developers to integrate curve fitting and statistics into COM-compliant applications.

ActivityBase Business Intelligence – rapid and intuitive access to ActivityBase research data by interfacing with corporate data warehouse systems.


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