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Advanced Nanomedicine for Oncology, Dermatology and Neurology Indications

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Dermal Application


ADVANCELL’s Dermosome Technology® provides topical administration of lipophilic compounds.

This technology is made up of an oily core that is covered by a polysaccharide layer and other components of the formulation.

Dermosome Technology adheres to the skin, allowing for a longer time of contact. Together with its sub-micrometric size, this increases the surface area of contact between the active molecule and the upper layers of the skin.

With conventional topical delivery methods, molecules with a molecular weight of more than 800 daltons are not able to penetrate or accumulate in the skin. However, ADVANCELL has been able to achieve the topical delivery of compounds with a molecular weight of more than 1,200 daltons.

The company is currently exploring opportunities to commercially exploit this technology.

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