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Differential Scanning Calorimeters


Our differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) products comprise premium instruments for research and development, material characterization and contract testing.

The instrument serves for the investigation of:

  • Melting temperatures and enthalpies of fusion
  • Polymorphism (ability of a solid substance to exist in multiple forms or crystal structures)
  • Crystallization temperatures and enthalpies
  • Glass transitions (characteristic for amorphous areas or amorphous substances)
  • Solid-solid interactions (e.g., between ingredients in a physical mixture)
  • Phase diagrams
  • Eutectic purity
  • Solid-fat content
  • Reaction temperatures and enthalpies
  • Specific heat capacity (cp)
  • Cross-linking reactions (curing)
  • Oxidation-induction time and temperature (isothermal and dynamic OIT)
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