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Dissolution Testing


Dissolution is a test used by the pharmaceutical industry to characterize the dissolution properties of the active drug, the active drug's release and the dissolution from a dosage formulation. Dissolution testing is used to formulate the drug dosage form and to develop quality control specifications for its manufacturing process. An in-vitro dissolution test is a critical test that has to correlate with in-vivo clinical studies and which could require specific method developments. Dissolution testing is described in many pharmacopeias, in EP, USP chapters and FDA guidelines.

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USP nomenclature for compendial apparatus for dissolution testing includes USP 1 baskets, USP 2 paddles, USP 3 reciprocating cylinders, USP 4 flow through cell, USP 5 paddle over disk, USP 6 cylinders, USP 7 reciprocating holders. While tablets are usually tested in a classical dissolution bath with the USP 2 paddles method, floating capsules and tablets generally use the USP 1 baskets method. Novel dosage forms such as suspensions, implants, drug eluting stents, MR tablets, APIs, microspheres, soft gels and suppositories use the flow-through cell method USP 4. USP 5 (paddle-over-disk) and 6 (rotating cylinder) are used for transdermal patches. Dissolution testing can also require complementary equipment such as a media preparation station.

SOTAX design concepts allow for customization of the pharmaceutical testing systems for specific needs.

Xtend™ Dissolution Line for tablet testing

The ability to flexibly respond to permanent change in today’s fast-paced pharmaceutical environment can make the difference between success and failure. Fast time-to-market requirements, outsourcing, relocations, shift of manufacturing capacities and short return on investment considerations ask for equally flexible testing solutions in R&D and quality control laboratories. The new and fully modular and scalable Xtend™ concept is 100% based on this basic premise and allows lab scientists to tailor tablet dissolution testing to both their current and future needs – making their investment future-proof. This new concept consists of new individual and standardized Xtend™ modules which can be flexibly combined for different customer requirements.


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