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Axiom eBuilder Clinical System

Axiom Real Time Metrics

Simple to build templates and sites. Ready to run iday, not months. Avoid expensive tech transfers.

Quickly design and deploy your array of studies dynamically to Axiom’s EDC Cloud using intuitive drag and drop toolsets. Never worry about servers, back-ups, hosting technology or anything IT related. Focus on the study design, deployment and management with Axiom’s eBuilder technology. No programming experience needed.

Build studies starting at $14,950 per study. Nothing is easier, more feature rich, or less expensive than Axiom’s eBuilder Clinical System to build all of your templates and studies.

Core features

  • Powerful and intuitive template builder
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Intuitive and powerful study creation tools
  • Integrated mid-study / protocol changes
  • Built-in approval/collaboration tools
  • Rapid study preview & publishing tools
  • Template creation & management
  • Published studies are rapidly deployed to Axiom Go Cubed Clinical Trial Suite
  • Axiom EDC Cloud – Central, secure hosting environment

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