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Path XL

PathXL Tutor is a user friendly content management system which allows digital slide teaching sets to be managed and constructed into online pathology courses by users with little, or no IT experience.

Key features

  • Generate on-line virtual microscopy training, CPD and competency exam resources in minutes, significantly enhancing student, trainee and the professional experience
  • Incorporate various multimedia files including streaming videos, presentations, sound files, PDFs and Office documents
  • Build online proficiency tests, incorporating virtual slides and having results from participants stored centrally
  • Build PathXL® Tutor into your current website, creating an education portal for members only or make publicly available
  • Entirely web based and accessible via any web browser
  • PathXL® Tutor runs through a standard internet port. No downloads or plug-ins required
  • Vendor neutral and supports virtual slides and file formats from all major scanning manufacturers


PathXL OLT enables educators to build case-based or user-based tests for use in examinations, Quality Assurance Schemes and competency evaluations. PathXL OLT can be integrated directly with PathXL Tutor whereby it is used to aid and further enhance the learning process. The interface is user friendly allowing tests to be created and published quickly and with ease.

Key features

  • As well as multiple choice, free text or multi choice answers, managers can add contingent/leading questions to create complex tests adding resources at multiple levels
  • Option available to use a combination of all question types named above
  • Continuous (automatic) saving as the author adds new questions and answers
  • Associate clinical information per question
  • Ability to facilitate guided learning techniques using ‘proceed only if correct’ or ‘disable back button’ alongside automatic question and/or answer feedback
  • Enable examination mode to disable all other content for the student being examined
  • Anonymise user results for unbiased scoring
  • Dedicated OLT Report page to view all tests, user stats and download scores
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