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Analytic Solutions for Efficient Commercialisation of Drugs and Medical Products

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Emerging Markets


Discover new opportunities in emerging markets.

The role of emerging markets in the pharmaceutical industry is more relevant now than ever before. Markets such as India and China represent significant opportunities for growth because of their rapid economic expansion. Annual pharmaceutical sales in the emerging markets is expected to reach $400billion by 2020, equivalent to current sales in the US and the top five European markets combined. We are uniquely positioned to help customers take advantage of emerging market opportunities.

Headquartered in an emerging market, we have experience in working across most therapeutic and functional areas. We have a strong information network of KOLs, distributors, primary market research agencies and key associations.

PharmARC weaves local market knowledge and experience with best practices, process standardisation and technology innovation to deliver customised analytics solutions. Secondary sources, KOL interviews, patient pools from distinct public and private markets, and income demographics are some of the alternate sources of information that we use in data-poor markets in the Asia Pacific region.

Key service offerings

PharmARC offers commercial and clinical competitive intelligence solutions that provide unique and in-depth perspectives of the life sciences ecosystem to our customers.

Commercial competitive intelligence solutions include brand specific services, market studies and company monitoring. In clinical competitive intelligence, we offer solutions covering clinical trials and conference intelligence support.

Opportunity assessment across key therapeutic areas

PharmARC provides opportunity assessments across key therapeutic areas, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment, economic burden and cost benefit analysis, market-size estimation, pipeline analysis, unmet needs assessment and gap analysis.

Identification and assessment of in-licensing/partnering opportunities in emerging markets

Our in-licensing expertise facilitates evaluating needs and identifying potential candidates. PharmARC’s comprehensive methodology helps clients in critical decision-making during the in-licensing process.

Forecasting support

We provide robust forecasts for pipeline and marketed products in the form of user-friendly, Microsoft Excel-based and Web-based technology solutions. PharmARC follows a three-dimensional forecasting approach using patient-based, market-based, and hybrid models.

The hybrid forecasting model is more suited to emerging markets as it will forecast the two critical areas, such as indication level treated patient pool and product level patient pool with primary market research as one of the key components.
Strategic product support

International Brand Tracking (IBT): A key feature of our IBT support is the product performance analysis as compared to the market.

IBT is designed as a dynamic tool to identify the KPIs that help in monitoring the sales performance across country affiliates of emerging markets.

Price-volume analysis

A technique that examines change in sales volume in response to changes in price. This analysis builds a relationship between price and volume or market share for a particular market segment.

Key opinion leader (KOL) identification and management support

  • Accurate identification and validation of true KOLs
  • KOL segmentation and activity planning at regional and country levels

Sales Force Diagnostics: Analysing rep behavior and rep quality

PharmARC undertakes representative behavior and representative quality surveys to assess the effectiveness and thereby benchmark the performance of the client’s reps against the competitor’s.

Primary market research (PMR)

PharmARC provides PMR support through all stages of the product life cycle. PharmARC has a network of KOLs/physicians spread across the globe. Our differentiator lies in our peer-to-peer interview approach. The majority of the interviews/discussions with KOLs/physicians are done by the physicians at PharmARC.

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