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Extensive range of assays for drug discovery and research

Promega UK

Cell Health Assays

Promega offers a wide range of sensitive, fast and reliable assays for determining cell health, crucial in the understanding of cancer biology, compound toxicity and cellular response to cytokines and other biological questions.

Selecting the most suitable assay to measure cell viability or cytotoxicity from the many options available requires an understanding of the endpoint measured by each assay and how that correlates to cell viability.

Promega provides assays to measure a variety of different markers to measure the number of live cells, dead cells and the total number of cells or the mechanism of cell death. Biomarkers that can be quantified include ATP, NADH, caspases, LDH and live- dead-cell proteases.

CellTiter-Glo® Luminescent Cell Viability Assay determines the number of viable cells in culture, based upon ATP quantification and is sensitive to as few as 10 cells with up to 5-logs of linear range. It’s a simple add-mix-measure format and can be read on a luminometer after 10 minute incubation. More sensitive than fluorometric or colourimetric assays, CellTiter-Glo reduces the number of cells required per assay and it’s very stable signal (>5 Hours) makes it ideal for batch processing, plus it delivers excellent Z’ factor values for screening applications.

Promega also offers multiple read outs for quantifying cytotoxicity, including luminescent and fluorescent assays that can be multiplexed with apoptosis or viability assays to determine the mechanism of cell death. Our range of apoptosis assays enable the measurement of one or more biomarkers (such as caspases 3/7, 8,9,2,6) in vitro or in-situ to detect early or late events of apoptosis and get a quick status update on targeted cells from well -to-well, plate-to-plate and day-to-day.

The range of multiplex assays such as ApoTox-Glo™ Triplex Assay and ApoLive Glo™ make it possible to analyse more than one parameter in a sample, simplifying data interpretation and differentiation between necrosis and apoptosis for example.

The Mitochondrial ToxGlo™Assay measures ATP and membrane integrity biomarker surrogates to identify mitochondrial dysfunction. It’s fast, easy to automate and has a simple "add-mix-measure" format.

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