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Faubel-CRSF Label


Stay child-proof and senior-friendly with the certified CRSF Label. This label solution is a complex safety element and is certified to US 16 CRF § 1700.20.

There is a growing demand for child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging. Medication packages have to be child-safe on the one hand and easy to open for adults, on the other hand. We save children’s lives with intelligent labeling solutions for blister packs. Medicine is the most common cause of poisoning in children. Every year about 200,000 cases of children being poisoned by medicine occur in Germany – some of them with the most serious consequences.

CRSF labelIt is hard, particularly for small children, to tell pills and sweets apart. Accidents can happen quickly when they are playfully exploring and copying.

The Faubel-CRSF solution is a complex safety element which can be applied like a label on the top face of a blister package. Safety is achieved via mechanical and logical barrier levels.

As proved by a resistance test involving 200 young participants: small children are unable to open the label designed by Faubel to protect blister packages. The CRSF label is certified to EU standard DIN EN 14375 and US 16 CRF § 1700.20.

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