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Now, direct observation and measurement of micro and nano fibers is faster, better and easier than ever before, with the Fibermetric application.

In combination with the PhenomTM G2 pro desktop electron microscope, the Fibermetric application allows you to produce accurate size information from micro and nano fiber samples. Automated image characterization means hundreds of measurements can be made automatically in seconds. In addition to more accurate data acquisition, the automated measurements of the Fibermetric application also ensure a rapid return on investment (time savings compared to previous manual measurements; operator independent; more accurate data).

Fibermetric uses hundreds of data points to provide a solid statistical analysis. An interactive fiber size distribution histogram is drawn for a graphical representation of the results. All data are exportable to common formats for further customized analysis.
Fibermetric is designed to measure fibers between 100 nm and 20 μm imaged with the Phenom G2 pro. There is a wide range of
applications where this can be used, from filtration materials to diaper padding to fiber research.

The Fibermetric application generates all the statistical data you need, without an elaborate laboratory infrastructure or specially
trained operators.

  • Benefits of the Fibermetric application:
  • Save time by automated measurement
  • Collect statistical data automatically
  • View and measure micro/nano fibers
  • Operator-independent measurements
  • Real-time Phenom G2 pro operation
  • Data exportable to common formats


Fiber Detection:

  • 100 nm to 20 μm
  • 1 to 1000 measurements per image


  • Xml data file (incl. diameter measurements and pore surface areas)
  • Jpeg or tiff image format
  • Max. 2048 x 2048 pixel image
  • Customized fiber ditribution histogram
  • Minimum, maximum and average fiber size

Part of the Phenom Pro Suite:

  • Network storage enabled
  • Phenom integrated system
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