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PreSens Precision Sensing

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Disposables with Integrated Sensors

PreSens Precision Sensing

We offer disposable culture vessels with integrated oxygen and pH sensors. The sensors are pre-calibrated and the disposables therefore ready-for-use.

Shake Flasks with Integrated pH and Oxygen Sensors (SFS)

Shake flasks with integrated pH and oxygen sensors are available in different volumes. Pre-calibrated plastic flasks are offered with and without baffles. They are obtainable at sizes from 125ml to 2000ml. They are read out either by the SFR – Shake Flask Reader or by our transmitters in combination with the coaster for shake flasks – CFG. In addition, autoclavable glass flasks are available with integrated oxygen sensors.

Spinner Flasks with Integrated Sensors (SPS)

Spinner flasks with integrated pH and oxygen sensors are available in volumes of 500ml, 1000ml and 3000ml. These are pre-calibrated plastic spinner flasks made of PC (polycarbonate). They are read out by our transmitters in combination with the adapter for round containments – ARC. Autoclavable glass spinner flasks are available with integrated oxygen sensors

Cell Culture Flasks with Integrated Sensors (CFS)

Cell culture flasks with integrated pH and oxygen sensors are available for different growth areas. They are pre-calibrated. The CFS are read out by our transmitter in combination with the CFG-adapter or our SFR Shake Flask Reader.

24- and 6-well SensorDishes

Pre-calibrated oxygen (OxoDish) and pH (HydroDish) sensors integrated in 24-well multidishes are read out with the SDR SensorDish Reader. The SDR can be placed in an incubator. This makes this system the ideal tool for cell cultivation: the cells do not have to be taken out of the incubator for measurement. Application examples are optimisation of cultivation parameters like media composition or time of media changes, as well as oxygen and pH monitoring in tissue engineering, toxicity tests and investigation of metabolism. Even small-scale fermentations are possible. The SensorDishes are also available in the 6-well format.

96-well SensorPlates

Oxygen (OxoPlate) and pH (HydroPlate) sensors are incorporated at the bottom of the wells of 96-well microplates. They are read out with conventional fluorescence microplate readers from the bottom side (requirements: see technical data). Only a few wells per batch are used for calibration. The SensorPlates are available in the round or flat bottom format. Fields of application are enzyme and drug screening, detection of the respiration of cells, bacteria or yeast, or monitoring of dairy starter cultures.

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