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Laboratory Automation, Scale-up, Thermal Process Safety and Pilot Plant Control...

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FlexyALR – Versatile Controlled Lab Reactor


Flexible automation for syntheses, lab scale and pilot plant applications with capacities from 0.1l to 100l to operate a number of reactors with a single PC to simulate a complete process flow.

The most outstanding feature of the FlexyALR is its modularity down to its individual components. It is pri-marily suitable to develop systems, which can be built up with capacities from 0.1l to 100l. If it is required to operate a number of reactors with a single PC, the concept will accommodate this, as well as cascading a number of reactors to simulate a complete process flow.   Flexy ALR

Fields of application

The intelligent and conceptional structure offers at any time the possibility of adapting to changing needs. Not depending on the actual device, a vast range of applications can be covered by FlexyALR automated batch reactor. Applications such as hydrogenation, ethoxylations, distillations even with automatic solvent exchange or crystallisation optimisation by automated solubility function can also be implemented at any time.

In the new generation of equipment, besides an improved reproducibility and accuracy, the entire reporting is standardised. Automatically generated protocols can be adapted to the user’s needs and are extensively based on the well-known Microsoft products Excel and Word. Nonetheless, systems can be adapted to CFR21 Part11 guidelines.

Keep it simple

The times when customers were willing to train specialists for any specific equipment (de facto at their own costs) are definitely over. The FlexyALR combines flexibility with user-friendliness. After only a few minutes, the user is able to productively operate the systems. Step-by-step, higher degrees of automation can be added, creating the greatest possible acceptance on all stages of operation.

Basic operations for temperature-controlled dosing or emergency alert functions (emergency alert) allow unsupervised operation during nighttimes. Even with automated run-control manual intervention is possible at any time of the process.

Data analysis

All critical activities such as the start of recipe phases and other inputs are presented in an automatically generated report. This report can be appended by the operator at a later stage.

The interpretation of a test series with various parameters becomes more difficult with increasing number of experiments. On demand, FlexyALR will support you on this task with the integrated and flexible graphic tool SysGraph. Whether you want to display several experiments in one graph or compare different trends, Sys-Graph will assist you in an optimal way. Even statistical calculations become like mere child’s play.

Process safety

When performing thermal safety evaluations of synthetic reactions, it is of utmost importance to measure under production-near conditions. The option ‘Heat Flow Calorimety’ converts the FlexyALR within no time into a flexible reaction calorimeter for thermal safety evaluations.

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