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FlexyCUBE – Process Development by Laboratory Automation


FlexyCUBE allows you to develop drugs, API’s or intermediates in an easier and faster way and at a lower cost than before. Thanks to the autonomous operation of multiple parallel reactor units, you will reduce the time spent on the different chemical syntheses and will thus already minimise costs in the stage of development.

FlexyCUBE opens up almost unlimited possibilities. No matter whether you are developing a new product or optimising an existing process, FlexyCUBE improves your efficiency. You can conduct your experiments elegantly and with effortless ease, based on SYSTAG’s proven Windows software.   FlexyCUBE

Individual control of reactors

Like a Joker, you may employ FlexyCUBE whenever several experiments have to be conducted reliably and in a short time. Due to the individual control of experiments, FlexyCUBE offers you a very broad range of application. Multiple and parallel, but varied experiments can be executed within short time periods, a minimal effort will deliver the best possible results. Or you may work parallel on different projects, thereby achieving optimal efficiency under absolutely reproducible conditions. Only a minimum of space is required, data are accurately logged while the system remains completely flexible. Around the clock and even over weekends, FlexyCUBE always performs to your advantage.

FlexyCUBE – the multiple parallel reactor system that improves your efficiency

Every parallel yet autonomous reactor unit offers all the elementary basic operations encountered in synthesis laboratories. You can use all these functions in the manual operation of single units or in a parallel programmed run-control.

  • Gravimetric dosing
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Optimal stirring efficiency
  • pH Control
  • Fractional distillation capability
  • Optimal crystallisation performance
  • Safe hydrogenation
  • Easy inertisation
  • Simplified calorimetry
  • Accurate, complete data recording

Simple and clean

Simplified handling is ensured with easily detachable reactors. You can take the reactor from the heating/cooling system or employ it for further experiments in an easy and fast way. Thanks to a two-part reactor approach with a hermetically separated temper jacket the troublesome emptying and filling of the temperature control system falls away. The inconvenient dripping of the heating/cooling medium does not bother you anymore when exchanging reactors.

To clean and empty the reactor vessel just take out the reactor unit and rinse it or just put it into your dishwasher. If a reactor vessel is broken, simply exchange it.

Standard laboratory equipment, such as reflux condenser, distillation head, or water trap, etc., can be attached to one of the glass adaptors at any time. There are no limits to the adaptation of the system to your needs.

Wide range of reactors available

In addition to standard reactors with a 250ml capacity, 100ml and 400ml reactors are available for working at atmospheric pressure. For pressures up to 6 bar a 250ml glass reactor is provided and a 300ml steel reactor can be supplied for pressures up to 100 bar. This range covers the most common applications that can be performed by FlexyCUBE.

FlexyCUBE improves your efficiency!

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