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Flow Cytometry Research Reagents

BD Biosciences

BD Biosciences offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality fluorescent dye-conjugated reagents to support multicolor flow cytometry research applications. These include antibodies to a variety of cell surface and intracellular markers for human, non-human primate, and mouse cells, and covering a wide range of areas, including immunology, cell signalling and stem cell research.

Multicolour – for more data per assay

Flow cytometry-based assays offer high-content, single-cell data that can be useful in drug discovery – for example, to monitor or screen cells for levels of surface, intracellular, or secreted markers, or functional assays. Employing assays that combinine multiple parameters, using differently coloured fluorochromes for each, offers more insight into cellular phenotype, and enables users to get more data per assay and per sample.

Innovating – for exceptional multicolour performance

BD continues to expand the options for multicolour flow cytometry, introducing innovative bright BD Horizon™ dyes. Within the past year alone, BD has brought out antibody conjugates to six new dyes that offer brighter options to existing fluorochromes, or expand the number of fluors measureable side-by-side.

To help resolve rare or dim cell populations, BD Horizon™ Brilliant Violet™ polymer conjugates are brighter than conventional dyes. This improved brightness enables identification of cell populations with lower receptor density than was previously possible.

The availability of several markers in a number of colours expands the options for multicolour flow panel design, allowing users to choose the optimal combination for a particular assay.

Tools – to help get the most out of flow

Whether you’re just getting started with flow, designing an advanced multicolour assay, or looking for a simpler way to set up and optimise your instruments, BD offers tools and information to help users along the way, enabling them to take full advantage of the power of multicolour flow cytometry.


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