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Analytic Solutions for Efficient Commercialisation of Drugs and Medical Products

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In today’s marketplace, where change is the norm, you need comprehensive, high-quality forecasts to improve your business-critical decisions. Turn to PharmARC for a powerful blend of modelling expertise, market understanding and therapy area knowledge.

Our expertise includes:

  • Rapid turnaround business development forecasts
  • Inline product forecasts for production planning and life cycle management
  • New and pipeline product launch forecasts (with market and sales research parameters)
  • Comprehensive integrated forecasts that merge the above features

Ten reasons to pick PharmARC for forecasting

  1. Holistic: With expertise across the value chain, we take a truly integrated approach to understanding all-important interdependencies and the best support for your business
  2. Customised: We use the model that fits your needs, whether it’s a simple Excel-based forecast or a complex, advanced statistical model
  3. Experienced: Our skilled team of consultants, data modelers, analysts and software engineers have developed more than 200 unique forecasts
  4. Expertise: We’re experts in all the areas you need us to be: not just in forecasting, but in all relevant therapy areas and in 28 markets globally (including the major seven)
  5. Comprehensive: With a portfolio spanning the entire brand life cycle, we specialize in individual forecast solutions, emerging market forecasts, and forecasting platform development
  6. Commercial: We know your market, we anticipate future environments and we understand how products and markets affect each other dynamically
  7. Inclusive: We work with both headquarters and affiliates to develop robust forecast models, working across functions, regions and often both
  8. Innovative: Our cutting-edge portfolio includes analytical tools with enhanced forecast functionality, enabling scenario and sensitivity analysis and an in-depth understanding of financial parameters
  9. Data agnostic: We use all relevant data sources available to us, whether they’re subscribed, publicly available or collected through primary market research
  10. Technological: PharmARC is powered by combining analytics with leading edge technology; our forecasting solutions are no exception
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