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Holter Collection Devices


Devices include: The H12+ and CardioMem®

H12The H12+

The H12+™ 12-Lead technology Holter Recording.

The H12+ digital Holter recorder provides 12-lead data recorded beat-by-beat on a compact flash memory card for up to 48 hours. A sampling frequency of 1,000 samples/sec/channel optionally provides the ability to export ECG waveforms to the Mortara E-Scribe™ Rx ECG data management system or other research programs for further analysis. Alphanumeric subject ID can be entered for unique identification of each recording. The entered ID is also displayed during the recording. Any of the three buttons can be used to insert an electronic marker in the data stream. Time display with seconds resolution allows for synchronization with wall clocks or other devices.


CardioMemCardioMem® records the ECG data on a CompactFlash® memory card. GE CardioDay Getemed Cm 3000 Digital Recorder provides the physician additional information for clarifying clinical questions and confirming diagnoses. This information is recorded using the standard ECG electrodes at no inconvenience to the patient. CardioMem CM 3000 digital recorder provides easy to use navigation for analysis of the collected data.

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